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 Scenic finishes for WMC studio shows- 'The Lion the Bitch and the Wardrobe' and 'The making of a monster 2022

Wooden finishes using primers, paints, glazes and varnishes. upkeep of a flat colour set that

endured a lot of ware and tare. painting back cloths from designers references.

 Props for Famous Five Theatr Clwyd /Chichester Festival Theatre 2022

Food props made for a touring production of Famous 2022 by Theatr Clwyd

Skills in: plastazote, foam, rendering, silicone, polyfiller

'Seedling Sprites' by Bakehouse

Scenic finishes and construction of the Seedling sprite sculptures by Bakehouse Factory 

Skills: scenic rendering, making eyes, making dandelion seeds, sculpting flower petals, plastazote shapes.

'Bracknell Forest Giants' by Bakehouse

Scenic finishes on the Heads of the 'Bracknell Forest Giants' by Bakehouse. 

Skills: scriming, scenic painting, texturing using real bark and fake moss, painting metal leaves and mechanical flowers, making roots using wire and hessian covered in real bark, sculpting and painting eyes.

Wise in progress
Back of Wise's head
Wise finnished
metal leaves
Metal leaves
Nell's Hair
Mechanical Flowers

Spring Opera

Scenic art for the spring opera 2021 designed by Emeline Beroud. 

Skills: Altering Fake plants, fake terracotta plant pots, soil and leaves, finishing bars in vinyl and glaze, staining screens and adding print, paint and laying vinyl on Rosina sign, painting Giovanni sign