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A Conceptual studio set and costume design for 'Gods property' by Arinze Kene, directed by Linda Miller. Carne Theatre, LAMDA.

We wanted to create an immersive environment where the audience felt they were invited into the family's home.

"Its 1982. London is restless, gripped by spiralling unemployment and inner city riots. Ska beats dominated

the airwaves and in a flat in Deptford, South London, two brothers are reunited unexpectedly."

Model and Story boarding


I created these drawings by sketching out roughly on paper and scanning them in to then edit in more detail on Photoshop

Costume mood board

Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 13.56.28.png

Set Mood board

Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 14.11.23.png

Design and Model Making

 My process began with research into mixed race identity, 1980s council housing, kitchens, skinhead culture, prison and Lagos, Nigeria. These were all relevant themes which I felt were important to include in my research, I read books like 'Black listed' by Jeffery Boakye, watch tv shows like 'Small Axe'. I then went onto find specific reference images for the kitchen set and while I made model parts I explored the layout of the performance space.

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